Prevent bi and tri level classes at upper secondary

Prevent bi and tri level classes at upper secondary

Currently, it is common to see classes with National 3,4 and 5, and sometimes even higher pupils, all together. This does not work, as the courses all have different content and assessment requirements. This has a negative impact on all pupils, the most detrimental being to lower ability pupils who do not get enough contect time to progress. One solution to this would be, for National 3-5, bringing back Standard Grade style differentiation by outcome. Put the content of all three courses together into one National course, and then have 3 levels of assessments at the end. Pupils are then able to achieve to the best of their ability. Alternatively, do not put together pupils based on age, but based on level. This would allow high ability pupils to achieve their national 5s and highers earlier and not spend years being understimulated, make mid ability lazy student want to put the effort in, so they don't get left behind, and allow poor ability to not be forced to move on until ready


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