Aging research (Why do we age and how to prevent it)

Aging research (Why do we age and how to prevent it)

Aging is a root cause for a lot of illnesses, but it is not yet seen as such by governments and the public. It is helpful if the Scottish government will fund more programs researching aging and do more to make the public aware of this problem. Treatments for aging will make sure that humans live longer and are healthier for longer. All residents in Scotland will benefit from these treatments. Leading illnesses such as cancer, dementia, strokes etc. are all symptoms of aging and not the cause of the illness. It will also boost the economy as treatments against aging will be of interest to any person on earth. And with people living longer and healthier, retiring is not needed anymore as people will be as fit in their 80's as they were in their youth. Living forever may seem like science fiction but with progress made in biology everyday, a boost by the government might mean that we see a workable treatment in our lifetime. More info:


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