Fully Protect Freedom of Speech for Everyone

Fully Protect Freedom of Speech for Everyone

In order to demonstrate that Scotland lives up to the reputation of being a free country, all of the MSPs we elect ought to uphold our basic freedoms and liberties, not take them away even in the slowest pace of time under any disguise or excuse. In this case, borderline including the issues of the constitution and tackling rampant political correctness (which in turn helps give birth to the current problem of Cancel Culture), there ought to be an Internet and Public Speaking Bill Of Rights that should and must protect the rights of all Scots to engage in freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, freedom of all sectors of the press (including those outside the mainstream media) and freedom of assembly (right to protest), not just for a few, some or most that require special treatment. Any law trespassing on these rights must be repealed by Parliament.


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