Allow responsible dog owners to continue using e-collars

Allow responsible dog owners to continue using e-collars

Electric collars are a safe way to allow trained dogs to remain off-lead (especially in certain areas like farmland, etc) without the handler needing to worry about recall. Outlawing electric collars for dogs (which are widely misunderstood and very different from previous iterations) is inherently discriminatory against people for whom a lead is unmanageable (someone with an injury or disability who needs hands for crutches, wheelchair use, or who simply cannot handle the force of a dog pull on a lead), as well as discriminatory towards groups like parents with small children, who might need to choose between being able to take the dog along for a walk with the family and being able to safely carry children/hold hands/etc. A ban ultimately results in less ability for responsible owners to properly allow their dogs safe, controlled exercise in open areas, when at the end of the day, abusive owners will find ways to hurt their dogs no matter what.


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