Rewild Scotland

Rewild Scotland

We have miles of miles of empty, barren lands that have staggeringly low biodiversity, all in the name of grouse shooting and sheep farming. We should plant trees and rewild our highlands to help nature recover, capture more carbon, and improve our climate resilience. Our "wild" spaces that attract so much tourism are a sliver of what they could be. Take back the huge chunks of heathland used by the rich as shooting ranges, and help them reach a more natural state. Scotland could easily become a global leader in rewilding, many private entities are already making strides in the right direction. Support the reintroduction of wild grazers (aurochs, elk, horses) as well as lynx, boar, beavers, and even wolves and bears. Offer subsidies and education for farmers to allow them to change to help our beautiful country. We can boost the biodiversity, resilience, and productivity of the land, safeguarding it for the future and attracting a huge bump in revenue for ecotourism.


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