Improvements to Trans health care and Gender Recognition Act

Improvements to Trans health care and Gender Recognition Act

Trans health care is in dire need of improvement, waiting times are up to years long, it's so underfunded with limited access outside of cities. Life is hard enough for trans people due to anti trans groups constantly attacking and their determination in erasing trans people from society due to a frankly creepy obsession with genitals that anti-trans groups have. The Gender Recognition Act is also in need of improvement so that trans people don't have to jump through hoops just to be accepted as people and recognised as people instead of whatever's between their legs being seen as more important. Support, acceptance and understanding is what's needed. Trans youth and adults deserve the chance of a future and to be able to live. Less bigotry, more acceptance and support would save the lives of trans youth and adults, improve quality of life for trans people of all ages and ensure a better future for all trans people instead of more suffering due to excessive transphobia. Many Trans people in the UK feel abandoned by the current system of care when it comes to Trans Healthcare. This is so endemic that for many of us we have resorted if we can afford it using other means like GenderGP. The misinformation on waiting times and lack of understanding of mental health impacts means that for many Trans people we are forced to wait not months, but years which can go as far as six years. There needs to be more done to make sure Trans people young and old get their necessary healthcare and mental care which requires more Gender Clinics but longterm this would far reduce the waiting for trans people and if Scottish Government are as they said dedicated to supporting trans rights then this would be a great step forward.


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