Fighting Climate Change

Fighting Climate Change

I believe tackling climate change is the most pressing task we face as a society. Individuals, especially young people, are becoming increasingly aware of the urgency of this crisis and what they can do about it. However, it is up to government to provide real leadership. This can be done in several ways, such as through legislation (biodiversity lessons in all schools or solar panels on all new homes). Or through actions such as licencing of high emission grouse moors, creation of marine protection areas or a tax on frequent flyers. Scotland is making significant progress in many areas, including renewable energy and transport (electric bus & taxi fleets, low emission zones and investment in cycling etc). However, as David Attenborough says we must rebalance nature to save the planet. We have made progress reintroducing species and initiatives such as the Clyde Climate Forest are a good start, but we have so much barren land that could be put to good use if we had the political will!


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