Completely reform education curriculums and grading system

Completely reform education curriculums and grading system

Change school curriculums to include essential life skills like sewing, learning about morgages, etc. Teach topics that everyone needs to understand growing up (sufferagette movement, intersectionality, Britain's colonialism, BLM movement, chlimate change's causes and solutions, foreign languages, 1980s miners strikes, LGBTQ+ history, and many more topics). Completely scrap the idea of exams being used to assess people as they are hugely harmful to young people and their mental health, doing far more bad than good. Instead, use small frequent assessments throughout the year, and have a larger proportion of grades determined by assignments/project work, not just tests. The most important thing is to engage with young people in schools throughout the process of change and actively listen to their voices and opinions from the start to finish, as they are the ones who this will effect and are the ones who should have the most say.


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