Sort out domestic recycling and waste management

Sort out domestic recycling and waste management

In the home we deal with a lot of packaging, and it's a logistical nightmare. Everything you buy is wrapped in a different sort of packaging, and determining whether it's recyclable by your local council service is a four step process. Disposing of waste ethically when visiting another council area is even worse. I suggest the following steps. Start with a full audit of recycling services used by local councils in Scotland, identifying gaps in provision where possible. Next, create laws restricting the type of packaging sent to domestic homes, which align with recycling provision. Make packaging readily identifiable and streamlined - for a user it should be as simple as "purple packaging goes in the purple bin". Have fines for non compliance, licencing for special cases, and incentives for organisations that make arrangements for their own waste. Householders are not businesses and we don't have a department to support us in this very necessary work - so we need the government to.


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