Change the legal definition of rape to include women rapists

Change the legal definition of rape to include women rapists

Many people have been raped by a woman, but are unlikely to report it due to various reasons, ranging from social implications, to the police not caring. One of those reasons is often the fact that the law doesnt say that women can rape, only sexual assault. This comes with the impression that it isnt as severe or important, because it isnt legally rape. For someone who has been raped by a woman, even just the knowledge that their rapist wont face rape charges, just a lesser sexual assault charge, can be enough to silence them forever. Whats the point in attempting to go to the police, having to build a case and relive/recount the experience over and over if the rapist isnt going to face appropriate punishment? Change it so that rape is defined as sex without consent (anything involving genitals), and sexual assault is any other assault that is sexual (not involving genitals). lot of "developed" countries recognise these definitions, why are we allowing ourselves to fall behind?


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