No Bus service for Holyrood Rd

No Bus service for Holyrood Rd

There is currently No bus that serves this part of the centre of Edinburgh. All the esential services that we need to acess are up a long steep hill. Supermarket, Doctors surgery, Bank, Chemist are all located at the top of the hill. I have osteoarthritus in my knees, principally I think, from a history of using pushbikes to get around the city until cycling became too painful. In this part of town there are two blocks of high rise flats, a couple of old folks homes and many low rise blocks of 16 flats. We have tried to get a bus for this part of town by lobbying the council. The only bus that used to go up the high street (35) was often diverted away to Regent Rd every time there was a roadworks on the high street, so even that was unavailable 50% of the time. I feel that if the road across Holyrood Park from Jock's Lodge to the Palace roundabout was allowed to carry a bus service then there is a possibility that the bus company may see a bus service a commercial possibility.


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