Add Consent to standard sex education

Add Consent to standard sex education

Currently in the UK a large number of people- particularly women and especially marginalised women (LGBT women, BAME women, women in sex work)- experience sexual harrassment, sexual assault, and rape. An equally large number of people - particularly men, and especially men in positions of power- do not seem to understand what counts as sexual assault/harrassment and endorse views like 'if she's drunk its not rape', 'look at how she dresses, she's asking for it', 'take it as a compliment' or 'men can't be raped'. Clearly a large number of adultsin the UK dont understand consent, and do not recieve adequate consent education during their lives. But understanding consent is vital to having healthy sexual and romantic relationships, and in being able to have healthy boundries and behaviours towards others in life. So I propose that informed, volantary consent become a part of our standard sex education during the teenage years, to help set teenagers up for having healthy, safe relationships and prevent us passing rape culture down to the next generation.


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