Equal access for same sex couples to NHS fertility treatment

Equal access for same sex couples to NHS fertility treatment

Currently elegibilty criteria for access to NHS fertility treatment is defined by NHS boards, and many areas in Scotland use criteria that make access for same sex couples problematic. Criteria like 'you have been unable to get pregnant from normal sex' or 'you will be eligable if you have had unsuccessful previous IVF (same sex)' exclude same sex couples on the basis that our normal sex can't lead to pregnancy. This leaves women like me in the situation where i am potentially having to spend thousands of pounds to start a family just because my partner is a woman rather than a man, whereas i would get that treatment for free if i was in a different sex relationship. Access to services like fertility clinics should be equal accross the country and should always clearly include LGBT people with equal access to striaght/cis people. We should not have to pay for additional treatment in order to be eligable.


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