That all Schools should have counsellors available daily.

That all Schools should have counsellors available daily.

Kids nowadays are living in a world that’s not exactly great thanks to social media. The pressure also put on kids to catch up on work that was missed due to lockdowns is also having an impact on their mental health. Primary aged children should be able to access play/art therapy easily and High School aged children are also being failed by not having the right support in place. The fact that CAMHS are literally in their knees with cases and with a year waiting list, this could be helped by having the supports in school otherwise we’re going to be facing a lot of broken teenagers/young adults which could have been prevented by early intervention. Also, a lot of children and teenagers are part of the LGBTQ+ category and support with this that they often can’t get at home is seriously needed!! The Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow has a 3yr waiting list before being seen - that’s a ridiculous time to have to wait to be given support and guidance but as it’s the only one available to children in Scotland, it’s no wonder their waiting list is so long!! There needs to be more support available to kids who fit into the LGBTQ+ category and early intervention to support these children will be so beneficial to them and prevent a lot of unhappy kids suffering from ill mental health because they couldn’t access a service to provide support! In this day and age, there shouldn’t be these lengthy waiting times! Put the right supports in school for children to access without the need to wait 1yr+ for CAMHS and 3yrs for the Sandyford Clinic! Open more clinics like Sandyford in Edinburgh and more remote places so that the one in Glasgow isn’t drowning under their waiting list!!


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