What changes would you like to see in Session 6? Make homeworking the norm for the recess periods. How can this help reduce the Parliament’s environmental impact and embrace sustainability? This would mean the building could be 'shut down' and no energy used saving on emissions. With no commuting that will save emissions too.


You can claim back tax for homeworking expenses like heat and light.

Homeworking for me is a horrible experience that is endured not enjoyed. It is damaging to both my mental wellbeing and my physical health as I do not have access to a proper desk or work space that meets my needs, nor am I privileged enough to have a home that could accommodate them. It is totally unacceptable to force everyone to work at home outwith the pandemic. It also just moves the impact of the lighting and heating to individual homes instead, which are likely to be less efficient.

There are impacts on public engagement of this approach. It would limit public access and exclude those who are unable to attend during the working week of our terms. Would we be able to balance this out by a community based outreach programme during recess periods? Even if we could, is there something fundamental about our own accessibility and transparency that requires us to be open for people at times that are not always convenient for us but are for them?

It would disproportionately impact on staff members without spare space in their homes or home set ups that make it a difficult place to work. Whilst we have had to cope for the pandemic, some benefit from the space and structure of work place working. Not everyone is able to work to their best at home. I am tired of having a desk in my kitchen and making husband and son feel awkward when they want to come in for a snack. Recess is also school holidays so family homes are busier too.

The building has traditionally been closed every Feb recess to the public, so the practice of closing has already been established for Feb recess. We just have not formalised that everyone should work from home in Feb recess

Public engagement inside the building is not possible for a lot of citizens. Flexible opening times of the building can help locals and those a little bit further than Edinburgh to visit, but the distance of the building from some regions and other issues like poverty mean that engagement inside the building is not an option for many. Community based outreach may be more effective than having the building open during recess

It is a good point that not all staff have space to work from home, so it could be optional to work from home. If staff want to work from home during recess and are happy to do so they should be allowed to. For staff unable to do so they can come into work. This would make it flexible for staff, but would still result in some benefits from reduced commuting and energy use.

This doesnt work for those of us that have small houses with no spare space to work especially when others are working from home in the household too. It impacts on personal time if there is nowhere to retreat to after the working day if you are taking up space.

Lots of projects take place during recess when the building is quiet and this would impact on it. We rely on recesses to carry out work and if staff were stopped from coming in then these projects wouldnt take place

I think this would undermine our core work. In person is essential for some of the complex, cross team and challenging work that we do. Flexible I agree is good. an effort to do both home and in work. I agree with the below about public engagement. Key core work continues across many teams in recess and does not just stop. I agree 'there something fundamental about our own accessibility and transparency that requires us to be open for people at times that are not always convenient for us'

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