industrial & Business Development

industrial & Business Development

Holyrood must prioritise plans for wealth creating businesses especially in the green sector for post independence growth and wellbeing of the working population. Opportunities must be identified and uncovered for new businesses and help for old industrial buildings / docks to be re-purposed. Saying it’s too hard is not good enough. We need the wealth to create better services and mend the roads, and many other things which are not good enough. There will be huge opportunities after independence which cannot be missed so government have to begin now if not before to lay the foundations for planning applications parameters, identify approved characteristics, encourage green growth and ensure safe and fair employment. It isn’t an option to delay. You cannot cast generations of young Scots into the jobs wilderness by inaction. You must prepare and plan for independence like it is a giant logistical operation with implications for the whole future of Scotland, giving it due respect as an emerging world influencer. The people of Scotland are insisting you reach deep into your abilities as professionals to meet their expectations after a yes vote.


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