Better access to walking for everyone

Better access to walking for everyone

Regular walking can dramatically improve our physical, mental, and social health. By providing opportunities and environments for people to walk regularly we will move forward from this pandemic to a healthier, cleaner, safer and happier walking nation. Investment in a £50m infrastructure fund to develop local walking routes, long distance routes, green neighbourhood networks and support under pressure mountain locations; Improved walking and wheeling conditions, including reducing pavement clutter, providing toilets, seating, signage, safety improvements, improved crossings and basic path and pavement maintenance; Improved access to local amenities, ensuring the planning system prioritises and delivers development within walking distance of local facilities as part of the 20-minute neighbourhood agenda; Increased investment for delivery of walking behaviour change programmes that particularly target the most vulnerable and help to reduce inequalities; Measures to improve safety, including a national speed limit of 20mph in all cities, towns and villages and enforcement of pavement parking legislation; Investment in walking to school and reducing traffic and pollution outside school gates.


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