Give vouchers to unemployed instead of cash

Give vouchers to unemployed instead of cash

Give vouchers to unemployed instead of cash; in giving them cash we, as a society, are enabling them to live off benefits. By giving vouchers, benefits will no longer be used to finance the latest fashions, cosmetic hair and nail extensions, lip plumping and salon tanning, iPhones/unnecessary huge TVs etc. Instead the vouchers will cover clothing which isn't designer, food for the family meaning no-one goes hungry and not for mummy and daddy to go clubbing and get pissed on. People who live off benefits seem to manage holidays and top of the range iPhones etc while I have worked full time all my adult life and I haven't been away for a holiday in over a decade, let alone have the government pay for my holiday because my children suffer from autism or other non life threatening diagnosis. I know people who keep having children in this scenario just to increase the benefits they get and afford to go to Orlando every year paid by the tax payer. This is a real smack in the face to those of us who work and barely get by financially. Instead of giving these families extra benefits give them vouchers for the extra support that the children require instead of lining the pockets of the parents. This means the government provide vouchers for the services meant to support the children and the children get the support they need.


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