Less printers

Less printers

What changes would you like to see in Session 6? Working from home has shown that many of us have managed to adapt to not printing because we do not have access to a printer at home. It shows that we do not need to use as much paper as we had before How can this help reduce the Parliament’s environmental impact and embrace sustainability?


Yes, less printing, and perhaps a central point in the building where required printing is collected.

Some tasks are more efficient when using print. Making it more time consuming to collect print in such cases is counter productive and wastes time. It is about ensuring we only print where necessary to be more effective rather than reducing number of printers. Hopefully good habits learned over last couple of years can be sustained through other methods.

Not less printers but efficient use of them. Sometimes you really do need to print something off. Not as a matter of habit but for essential reasons like screen tiredness or for meetings. please don't reduce the number of printers.

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