Turn offices into collaborative working places

Turn offices into collaborative working places

What changes would you like to see in Session 6? Flexible working and home working become normal options for everyone. Coming into the building would mainly be for team meeting related activities where face-to-face collaboration is happening. Open plan offices could be changed to look more like meeting spaces, than rows of individual desks How can this help reduce the Parliament’s environmental impact and embrace sustainability? In the longer-term there will be less furniture needing to be replaced as the number of individual desks and chairs etc. will be reduced.


Some of the open plan offices have furniture crammed into them so that most people have their own desk and place to store things. The furniture covers some of the heating vents, so this layout cannot be good for heating efficiency. Reducing desks and furniture will help

Working from home except for meetings is not an option that will be preferred or even suitable for some staff, with some preferring to work full time in an office environment and it is essential this is catered for. Space to have meetings has always been essential, in future reviewing if the balance between meeting rooms and desk space is still striking the right balance will be a useful exercise, but quite individual working space that meets everyone's needs will always be required.

I think a mixture of individual desks and meeting spaces, so that staff have the choice. It does not need to be full-on desks for everyone, as some staff will be happy to work at home and those who cannot will be able to use an individual desk at work

There needs to be the right mix of accommodation in all offices. Allocated desks for specific work roles, bookable desks for drop in sessions or all day working. There will be times that larger teams need to get together, for socialising, brainstorming, projects or office events. Dedicated quiet working areas and areas for smaller groups to meet. Each space adaptable to ever changing needs. There needs to be spaces where all scenarios can be provided safely and fairly.

I think a mixture of work spaces would be best, open plan and quiet areas, hot desking for everyone who also work from home, all pre-bookable on-line.

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