More flexible working between home and office

More flexible working between home and office

What changes would you like to see in Session 6? Staff having more flexibility around the times that they are in the office. For example, being able to leave earlier and then finish the rest of their hours at home How can this help reduce the Parliament’s environmental impact and embrace sustainability? Staff can take advantage of off-peak train fares, to make train travel more likely than car travel. The location of the building is not easy to get to for many and this can encourage car travel as the more convenient option i.e. to avoid having to get 2 buses. More flexibility with start and finish times in all offices will make it easier for staff to choose sustainable transport as they are not having to rush to get in for a set time or not able to get home until after 5pm


I agree with the point below. There should be no cut-offs for the times that staff can work. The main thing is that the work gets done, not when it gets done. If it suits a staff member to do their work in the evenings that should be allowed

There is a cost to equipping everyone to work from home, Holyrood and local offices - we are duplicating kit (monitors, chairs, printers etc) in up to 3 places which ultimately has to be disposed of. Plus the carbon footprint of delivery and removal. People should be encouraged to compromise and provided with sustainable alternatives - of which there are several.

Flexible working changes need to consider the needs and preferences of all staff. It is equally valid to prefer to work later in the day, so flexible working should reflect this and the current 8pm cut-off extended to 10pm or even mid-night (or even end having cut offs at all). Similarly, it should be possible to start the day working from home, and come into the office later.

My preference is to work from home, but if I have to come to the office I would still like the option of splitting the day between home and office. Especially in the Winter so that I can safely cycle home before dark and carry on working at home.

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