Ban Greyhound racing

Ban Greyhound racing

Thousands of greyhounds are forced to race for worldwide betting markets, even in extreme weather conditions. GBGB has only been required to publish data on greyhound injuries & deaths since 2017. For the three years that figures are available, there were 14,770 dogs injured and 2742 deaths reported at licensed tracks. These figures are unbelievably high and represent just how cruel the greyhound racing industry is. Figures for Scotland only are not available. Scotland also has a 'flapper track' in Fife, which is completely unregulated. There is also a cruel culture of drugging dogs to win races. Substances found in samples taken from dogs running at Shawfield, Scotland’s GBGB licensed stadium, include cocaine, amphetamine, steroids, beta blockers, and prohormones. There is no drug testing at Scotland’s 'flapper track', so there's no way of knowing how potentially high drug abuse of dogs is. The fate of dogs once their ‘career’ is over is unregulated and frequently either unacceptable or unknown. In some cases, dogs are killed, sold to universities for dissection or sent overseas to be forced to race there. Anyone who shares their life with a greyhound, myself included, will know how loving, sensitive and affectionate these dogs are. Greyhound racing must be banned. You cannot regulate for this cruelty.


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