The humane treatment of animals

The humane treatment of animals

Battery cages (hens) and gestation crates (female pigs) are cruel, barbaric, and archaic. The EU has just agreed to ban cages, and the UK government is going to consult on it. Scotland should ban cages for farmed animals. Stop shooting and trapping wildlife. Trapping and snaring animals is obscene and sadistic. Animals caught in these devices suffer greatly. They have no place in civilized society. Salmon "farming" is cruel and revolting. Salmon in cages suffer from overcrowding, sea lice, disease, and a monotonous life. Salmon farming pollutes our seas with uneaten food, faeces, and chemicals. Thousands of wild animals are killed in Scotland because they are labelled as ‘pests’ or ‘vermin’. This is mostly unregulated and unrecorded. The methods of killing include traps and snares, which can cause much suffering. If wildlife must be managed, it should be done in an organised way and based on science and ethics. Certain methods should not be permitted as they are inhumane.


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