Stricter rules on the use of contract taxis

Stricter rules on the use of contract taxis

What changes would you like to see in Session 6? A cap on the number of contract taxi journeys for business meetings. There is a cap of 60 "late night" taxi journeys. There should also be a cap on taxi journeys for business meetings to encourage sustainable and digital options for meetings How can this help reduce the Parliament’s environmental impact and embrace sustainability? Cutting down on the use of taxis will help encourage more sustainable transport to meetings- bus, train, cycle, walk. Or to use Teams for the meeting, rather than booking


Why is there a cap of 60 taxi journeys for late night journeys, but no cap for taxi journeys for business meetings?

Ban taxi journeys between the Parliament and Edinburgh Waverley, or all short taxi journeys (apart from for health or safety reasons).

The pandemic, through necessity, has shown that it is not always essential to conduct a business meeting in person. Teams can be used instead of a taxi, but if you really need to do it face-to-face then we should not automatically book a contract taxi just because it is quicker and easier. The only way to control this is to put a cap on these journeys, otherwise the only control is the budget of that office which will probably have enough money to sustain taxis whenever they need them

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