Scotland needs a radical new plan for mental health

Scotland needs a radical new plan for mental health

There have been too many promises on mental health and not enough action. With the added pressure from COVID-19, Scotland needs a radical new plan. Before the election, SAMH heard from 2,500 people across Scotland, many of whom have lived-experience of mental health problems. From what they told us we set out 38 actions in our Standing Up for Scotland's Mental Health manifesto which would make mental health a national priority. From these, there are three key areas where we must see action over the next Scottish Parliamentary term. 1. Ensure children and young people get help at the first time of asking, without the threat of rejection. Covid led to a 55% reduction in referrals to CAMHS at a time when children and young people needed more than ever. Despite this reduction in referrals and the commitments from government, one in five young people continue to be rejected from support, and left with little to no help for their mental health. 2. Expand psychological wellbeing support to enable quick access in communities without the need for referral It still takes too long and is too difficult to get help for a mental health problem. People have told SAMH that it is very difficult to access psychological wellbeing support through the NHS. For those who do access such support , around one quarter will have to wait over four months before their first appointment. 3. Build capacity in our communities to prevent suicide by providing nationwide access to support and suicide prevention training Despite the progress made over the last decade, two people still die by suicide every day in Scotland. SAMH welcomes the work of the National Suicide Leadership Group, but we must acknowledge the increase in suicides over the past two years and redouble our efforts to prevent deaths by suicide. About SAMH SAMH is Scotland's national mental health charity. We're here for your mental health and wellbeing providing local mental health support and always accessible information. We listen to what matters in each local community, and campaign nationally for the changes that make the big and little differences in life. Now more than ever, we need to make change happen. To get involved visit


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