make councils and their workers accountable

make councils and their workers accountable

I feel that councils are allowed to please themselves. They are not run for the people that live their. The appalling way they treat people should be challenged and staff held accountable for how rude they are and unhelpful. They need to be run better and spend less on themselves and more on local services. Those in charge should have private sector experience as they are so badly run and I’ve had really offensive things said to me in correspondence with them before and the complaints procedure is not fit for purpose. Covid is ideal for them as an excuse to give and even poorer service than they have in the past. It is public money they are tasked with using yet their is no. Responsibility to use it wisely. A lot of staff do not have the qualifications for their jobs but get them through people they know. I’d have a total shake up of local government and make them stick to universal ways of working and work more efficiently. They should be regularly audited by an independent body and complaints should be dealt with this way too. When I had a complaint and had proof of council staff wrongdoing there was absolutely no one to help me. Why a staff member claims to not be in touch as his laptop was stolen from his car and he didn’t answer me makes no sense. Surely he should be disciplined by the council as you are meant to keep them secure and he should have had the laptop in a secure place which you are told is not a car boot. Secondly why could he not access his emails any other way?


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