Sustainable Tourism, Wild Camping and Access Rights

Sustainable Tourism, Wild Camping and Access Rights

Priority should be given to discussing unsustainable tourism, wild/irresponsible camping and overnight motorhome parking throughout the Highlands and Islands and on the NC500. Many rural areas have suffered as a result of unsustainable practices and the promotion of areas which do not have the necessary infrastructure to cope. Littering, outdoor toileting and inconsiderate camping/overnight parking are daily concerns for many rural areas around the NC500 and across the wider Highlands and Islands. Communities should be afforded more say in whether they want 'wild camping' around the villages and settlements they live in, and more enforcement of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code is required. The move towards providing more facilities and 'aires' for motorhome users is welcome, however once these are in place there should be parallel measures to ensure that motorhomes and tents are not still pitching up on the outskirts of towns and villages, on beaches, and in car parks (which residents often cannot use to gain access to local amenities during the summer months).


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