Net Zero Apparel

Net Zero Apparel

The clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world yet it receives little attention. Scotland has an opportunity to create world-class policies that: *encourage businesses that support Net Zero Apparel (i.e. the services required for clothes rental, the development of the high street to offer high quality Net Zero fashion etc) *encourage cutting edge farming practices for the development of Net Zero textile crops such as thistle, flax or nettle *promote a mindset shift and delivering services that empower Scottish citizens to see clothes from a new perspective, seeing the repair and recycling of clothes as normal. *promoting wellbeing through reconfiguring identity; not simply through the purchase of clothes but the development of skills, that allow people to repair and upcycle, as well as provision of public support services to see self differently. Historically Scotland has closed down the textiles department within Zero Waste Scotland, twice, and lags behind progressive nations, i.e. within Scandinavia, who are world-leaders within this sector. Recognition of the social and environmental injustice that is embedded within the apparel industry should be formally acknowledged by the Scottish Parliament, support of a retail trade adjudicator is vital. Now is the time to repair the damage done through previous actions and inaction in Scotland. The suggestions above not only tackle Net Zero Apparel but also encourage new business and promote national wellbeing. It's imperative that action is taken now and that Scotland recognises it's role as one of the wealthiest countries in the world which can promote world class solutions for the apparel industry.


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