Monoculture tree plantations - misleading data

Monoculture tree plantations - misleading data

**** Stop including data about monoculture tree plantations in our annual tree planting data **** Monoculture tree plantations, whilst they have a value for providing tree resources, are not good for the environment, contribute little to climate change. They do nothing for increasing our biodiversity, which given that Scotland is home to some of the most endangered animals on the planet (e.g. Scottish wild cat), is not benefiting our wildlife. The data on monoculture tree plantations are included in our statistics showing how many trees we, as a country, have planted each year which is completely misleading. These monoculture plantations should not be included in the % figures showing how many trees have been planted per year, as they do not contribute to climate change or increasing biodiversity. It is an incorrect use of data, giving the country the impression we are tackling climate change positively, when we are not.


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