Reviewing access and affordability to training and education

Reviewing access and affordability to training and education

I am an undergraduate, I am care experienced, from a low income background and as a result of my experiences did not achieve good grades in secondary school. I have always dreamed of becoming a psychologist and thus undertook 2 years of college and now two years of an undergraduate degree to attempt to achieve this. I only realised now that a master's degree is only partially funded, due to this, It is unlikely I will be able to do one to pursue the career I had wanted because it is simply unaffordable. However, I don't necessarily need a masters degree to achieve this. I can apply for a clinical doctorate which is NHS funded which is great! But the spaces are so limited and the competition is SO fierce that this too will be unlikely regardless of achieving a first in undergrad. It is a complete disadvantage to people from low income backgrounds, care experienced students, disabled students etc as they won't be able to keep up with the competition. I understand vetting is necessary to ensure the places go to those deserving and who take it seriously, however, all support for these demographics ending after an undergraduate degree should be assessed as it does not present equal opportunities. Thank you.


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