Reform planning laws to allow more ultra-green housing

Reform planning laws to allow more ultra-green housing

We're in the middle of the climate crises and while some progress has been made around things like home insulation, we're still building architectural pastiches of homes that weren't even fit for their own era. We should acknowledge that faux [insert era] architecture and an over-zealous approach to preserving too many old buildings with common and middling architectural merit but with a terrible carbon footprint are not the way forward. We must adapt radically to mitigate the climate crises and as part of this, we should take a more relaxed approach to allowing replacement of older types of housing and new builds in areas currently deemed conservation zones *provided they are a) ultra-green innovative builds that minimize their carbon footprint (including walk/cycle friendly housing) b) maximise environmental benefits (green walls/roofs, housing with integrated wildlife habitats etc) and c) are built to cope with likely climate extremes (self-cooling concepts, rainwater collection, storm-proof etc).


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