Scotland endorses a mindful approach to all aspects of life

Scotland endorses a mindful approach to all aspects of life

A mindful approach to all aspects of life including but not limited to education, business, prisons, politics and personal life has been proved to improve life satisfaction (see Jon Kabat-Zinn and Ellen Langer amongst many others). In being part of the global Wellbeing Economy strategy Scotland has already recognised that we need more than more money to feel happier. Introducing mindful practices can be simple yet incredibly effective and the Scottish Parliament could instigate world-leading interventions. Creating a working group to consider how mindful practices can be encouraged within individual lives and introduced into collective experiences could not only lead to a greater experience of happiness but could also lead to improved educational, sporting and business achievements. The biggest issue facing this idea is that it seems too simple, but that in fact is the reason that it could be one of the most exciting inquiries to happen in the forthcoming parliamentary session. The second-biggest issue facing it is that this isn't sexy - it doesn't promise greater financial wealth and it requires courage for the Scottish Parliament to consider the benefits of something that can be considered "wacky" by conservative groups. However, an inquiry by a small committee the seeks the views of experienced personnel, experts in the field and Scottish citizens could lead to incredible results for Scotland.


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