National Sport Activity Strategy for all

National Sport Activity Strategy for all

Community sport activity has fallen victim to years of reducing investment and changing cultures, and the impact is becoming more visible in the health and wellbeing of young people, the working population and older people, as well as in community cohesion. Sport - from walking clubs to 'tumble tots', school activity to sporting memories activity with people with dementia - is only part of the jigsaw but it is a major, often under-estimated social glue. We can help to rebuild it with a cohesive approach across sectors, from health to education, criminal justice to the third sector, and embrace the wider physical, mental and social benefits of simple, fun, social sport activity - in all its forms. As local authorities consider closure of lifeline community facilities, we need a national sport strategy underpinned by 32 local strategies that engage cross-sector, and enable and empower all ages and abilities in society to benefit from low-cost, accessible opportunities in all communities in Scotland.


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