Protect Fragile Communities

Protect Fragile Communities

The biggest class disparity is those who own property and have access to land and those who don't. In the Highlands and Islands, this threatens the viability of communities, of a way of life, of the culture and of the continuation of the Gaelic language. Houses can not and should not be sold on the open market in these circumstances. It's not a fair market. And it's the biggest difficulty facing young people. A tax should be placed on those buying from outwith the area (with exceptions for those coming to work, key workers or returning to the place they grew up) That tax can be used to fund housing for local families. An extra tax should be placed on those looking to retire in the area, with no connections or family support. That tax can be used to fund social care services. No one should be allowed to own more than two properties. Anywhere. At any time. No one should be allowed to own a holiday rental if they do not live within 30 miles of the house. And the ownership multiple houses for holiday rentals should be banned. Holiday rentals should require planning permission Small scale housing developments in the style of traditional clachans should be built in rural areas, with priority given to Gaelic speakers and those with children in Gaelic Medium Education.


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