child protection

child protection

Children with gender dysphoria, mental health difficulties and conditions such as autism should be protected from gender identity ideology until their difficulties and conditions have been treated first. ‘Our children are being exposed to an extreme trans ideology, not only via the media, but also through our nurseries and schools. We need to ensure those children with genuine gender dysphoria are supported and accepted on their journey, while at the same time exposing lies such as ‘being born in the wrong body’, ‘sex is a social construct’, and ‘you can change your sex’. In moves to ban the obscene cruelty that is conversion therapy, we need to ensure that we do not offer gender questioning children automatic affirmation without exploring fully other issues in the child’s life. Our government, in a genuine effort to support a very vulnerable group in our society, is in danger of swallowing uncritically an ideology that has little to do with trans people themselves. It is time for a saner and more nuanced approach. We need our children to know it’s OK to be different, to dress as they wish, to play as they wish, breaking down gender barriers. Instead, we are leading them to believe that if they don’t like football, they can become a girl, or if they don’t like wearing pink they can become a boy. This is so regressive! We need to listen to and protect parents and professionals working with young children - allowing them to say ‘sex matters’, ‘you can’t change sex’ etc without being accused of a hate crime. Our children are our most precious resource. In 20 years time, they won’t thank us if we continue down this path.


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