BBC and daytime scheduling

BBC and daytime scheduling

BBC could useful improve daytime TV by coverning more festivals like for instance the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Book and Politics festivals. If the BBC would offer a package deal to people or groups that are engaged in culture, theatre, dance, politics, books, arts etc such as a package fee plus BBC made DVD of their production and a promis of a daytime slot on a BBC channel during the daytime, then TV would be improved across daytime tv rather than just coverage of the festival per se. There are festivals and cultural and arts activities across the UK that could usefully be aired as daytime TV with reciprocal benefit. At the moment daytime TV is the same programs shown during the day and repeated early evening and the schedule is then repeated every six months: this is tedious and programing is tired being shown so much. This does not have to be the way forward and programming could usefully be revisited to events and coverage across the UK especially for festivals like Edinburgh Festival which is open to a global audience and impact and is currently an untapped resource by the BBC or any TV channel. Glastonbury and Belladrum are captured so why not all Festivals and cultural events or more of them for a purpose - to take out the repeats on daytime TV scheduling.


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