Monarchy Committee instead of a King or Queen

Monarchy Committee instead of a King or Queen

The Monarchy could usefully be changed to a Committee of Monarchs in the event of Queen Elizabeth's reign ending. No one person should be able to do all the work the Queen currently does and for so long. A Committee of the heir only of each monarchy of the UK or a family representative in the event that the heir does not want to do it, or is to young or too old would suffice. Everyone could either be specialist or generalist or do both as issues that a Monarchy has as their duties to their subjects. To be on the Committee you would probably need to be age 14 (when you can actually do work) to probably age 75 and for a period only of 25 years before handing on to someone else. All the hangers on would be dispensed with and would revert to ordinary people as would the members of the Committee but they would be supported financially by Government and facilitate modern history. Much of the pomp and ceremony could go too and modernise the monarchy for the 21st century. So either an heir of a King or Queen of the UK or the high probability of such a person being so would sit on the Monarchy Committee.


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