Travel Insurance and Road Upkeep

Travel Insurance and Road Upkeep

I had an idea about insurance - people buy travel insurance when they go abroad, by plane, by rail, by coach and if I am going overnight to London I tend to spend the £1 buying the insurance for the return trip and it has never been necessary to make a claim so far. I don't begrudge the £1 to have peace of mind and am willing to pay the money. But what about all the day to day trips I make in a car, by local bus, by local train, or ferry as well as cheap flights. I willingly pay for insurance for flights. So what about an across the board travel product for everyday use which could usefully pay for upkeep and maintaining and creating new roads, rail travel, flights, ferries, transport in rural areas etc. Makes a lot of sense if everyone spent £10 or £20 or so a year on a domestic travel policy for everyday use and frequency of use across all travel sectors - plus peace of mind.


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