Acknowledge the need for systemic change across the board

Acknowledge the need for systemic change across the board

Governments across the world have declared climate emergencies yet still not enough action is being taken and we are quickly running out of time to implement the changes required to maintain a planet that can sustain us. 

 This is a request to the Scottish Government to grab an opportunity to lead the world towards a genuinely sustainable future by taking the first step of openly acknowledging and accepting the need for SYSTEMIC CHANGE. 
COP26 is a perfect stage on which to do this and inspire the rest of the world to follow. I would like to see a well-researched and committed announcement by the First Minister (at COP26?) which acknowledges and accepts the need for systemic change and a just transition and includes a pledge that Scotland will lead the way. 

 The world as we know it no longer exists. The human impact on our natural world is already such that the planet cannot sustain ‘business as usual’. As a climate scientist I feel helpless because we know and understand this, and can see a very grim future ahead if profound change isn’t adopted now. Yet the political and economic systems of the modern world (western culture) are preventing meaningful and impactful change. 

It is not just the environment that is suffering from the systems modern society has built; 90% of the priorities put forward here (yes I did look at them all!) would benefit from, and be supported by systemic change and a fundamental shift in where we (as both individuals and society as a whole) place our values. We currently face crisis’ in mental and physical health, care in the community, housing issues, food standards, etc. COVID-19 has highlighted many of the systemic problems facing society today.
If we continue as we are the planet cannot support us - it already is struggling. The sooner we acknowledge, accept and openly admit the need for systemic change at a government level the sooner we can overhaul the problematic systems and deliver real solutions to the key social and environmental issues facing humanity. 
Once we have accepted the need for systemic change we can begin to deliver REAL IMPACTFUL SOLUTIONS, the necessary SYSTEMIC CHANGE and a JUST TRANSITION to a sustainable society. Scotland is well placed to be a world leader in this regard. I would love to be part of a team that makes it happen! As I'm sure most Scots would be.


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