public sector funding

public sector funding

The austerity cuts have impacted front line services massively. Councils & health boards having to cherry pick which services they must run vs ones that can be legally cut. The problem is the non legal required services make a massive impact on the health & wellbeing of our people. The cuts have also targeted non specialist support staff in front line services. Staffing had halved in many schools with those remaining being off I’ll with stress and related issues because of this. Administrators may not get teachers or doctors etc but they do provide a crucial support role and yet they are the first to be cut. The additional pressures placed on those left is massive which then also impacts on those they are supporting causing a vicious circle of difficulty. Many front line local government staff leave causing delays in service provision. It needs to be properly funded at all levels to provide the best care and support for our citizens. A well run public sector keeps our streets clean and easy to drive or cycle on, keeps adult day centres & support services open preventing an over load on A&E in hospitals. Schools with the proper number of teachers, classroom assistant, counsellors and others means our children are supported & educated to the best possible standard for that child. Wel can support and produce well rounded better educated people who make better choices down the line. Things can be better if we invest in our people.


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