Unnecessary deaths due to GP's only focusing on Covid

Unnecessary deaths due to GP's only focusing on Covid

As a direct result of being unable to access GP service, a disproportionate amount of citizens in Scotland have died as a result of being unable to access medical treatments and through not being offered investigations. Indeed, a close family member tried to get help from their GP for 8 months though was continuously "fobbed off" and did not see a GP in this time. This person did not die of covid and had their GP visited and taken them seriously they would still be alive. This situation has proven that GPs are not worth the investment and a more robust system to access medical help is required. Will the Scottish Government undertake a thorough audit of all deaths per GP surgery to ascertain exactly where the GP practice went wrong? Admin


Administrator: This question was answered on Thursday 28 October 2021. Watch the question and response in full: https://www.scottishparliament.tv/meeting/covid-19-recovery-committee-october-28-2021?clip_start=10:55:31&clip_end=11:00:06

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