Staying safe

Staying safe

The Committee is scrutinising the Scottish Government's approach to health protection measures (face masks, social distancing, testing etc.). Tell us your questions about the Scottish Government's ongoing response to COVID-19. Click '?' for details of our discussion rules and the privacy notice.


Impact of restrictions on blind & partially sighted people

When will acute mental health wards review restrictions?

Disabled Adult Day Resource Centres

Unnecessary deaths due to GP's only focusing on Covid

High risk contacts: Why is 15 min definition no longer used?

When will Scot Gov update the COVID-19 symptom list?

Protections for Children

Why not return to stronger mitigation measures?

why have we not reintroduced some restrictions on movements

Learning from 2015/16 simulation exercises

Vaccine Passports

How to submit a question.

Has transmission in Scottish schools been underestimated?

How is Scot Gov assessing Long Covid risks in children?

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