How is Scot Gov assessing Long Covid risks in children?

How is Scot Gov assessing Long Covid risks in children?

When considering the balance of harms associated with Covid and various mitigations, how is the Scottish Government assessing the risks associated with Long Covid for children and how often is it updating its assessment? Based on the current evidence available, what proportion of children and young people (currently under 25 years old) does the Scottish Government's own modelling suggest will end up being affected by Long Covid? How does this compare with the recent systematic review (Groff et al, 2021) of 57 studies comprising more than 250,000 survivors of Covid-19 (mix of adults and children) which found that more than half of Covid-19 survivors were experiencing PASC (Postacute sequelae of Covid-19) 6 months after recovery? Question answered. Read the official report: Watch the full clip:


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