Travelling long distances to access booster jag

Travelling long distances to access booster jag

I attended my appointment at Haddington Community Hospital for both my Covid -19 booster and Annual Flu vaccinations. I suffered no ill effects and will say that on the day, the procedures were efficient and the process as speedy as possible. That said, I was subjected to a needless 20 mile round trip to access these jags and I am informed that whilst Dunbar did not/was not allowed to participate - North Berwick was, and I was offered an appointment there. Dunbar, the poor relation, was it ever thus?!?! Sadly, I am informed that some Dunbar residents were "compelled" to travel to Edinburgh and even St Johns in West Lothian for their vaccinations. We TALK about energy conservation, my first round of Covid jags was a local 4 mile round trip and the service was spectacular. This time it was a 20 mile round trip, with an equally good outcome. Some Dunbar residents had to endure a 60 mile round trip to Edinburgh or a 93 mile round trip to St Johns at Livingston. The numbers speak for themselves, and they are an utter disgrace. We have a brilliant Medical Health Centre facility at Dunbar which has been proved to work. Using Haddington is playing NHS politics, and the patients are forgotten about. Global Warming, Climate Change is of no concern to East Lothian NHS, we can and MUST do better. NHS East Lothian are directly responsible for hundreds of unnecessary 20 mile round trips, when the solution is locally at hand. This is bureaucracy gone mad, there is no excuse expect for pure expediency.


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