Some, who were eligible, struggled to access Education-hubs.

Some, who were eligible, struggled to access Education-hubs.

Education hubs were set up to provide in-person education to the children of keyworkers, who had to go to work, and to vulnerable children. The Committee acknowledges the scale of the challenge involved in responding to the pandemic and quickly setting up these hubs. The hubs were described by the Children and Young People’s Commissioner as being “incredibly effective for the children who were there”. We heard that examples of children and young people who were unable to access educational hubs for a variety of reasons including that they— were not eligible under their local authority’s definition of vulnerable children; were shielding, or living with people who were shielding; or required support for additional needs that could not be provided in the hubs. The Committee recognises the efforts of all those who support children and young people during this challenging time.


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