More could have been done to assess the needs of children.

More could have been done to assess the needs of children.

While the pandemic has posed challenges for everyone, there are some children and young people who have faced more significant challenges than others. The extent of the impact on different cohorts is, however, difficult to ascertain in the round. Several contributors highlighted that there was, and continues to be, a lack of data and research to provide a broader understanding of the potential, and actual, impacts of the pandemic on children and young people. In its evidence NASUWT cited examples of other countries, including the USA and the Netherlands, where research was undertaken at the outset of the pandemic, to better understand what was required and where funding should be targeted. It stated that this was not the case in Scotland. It also argued that there is still a need for further study and evidence gathering to better focus further deployment of funds.


No one is considering the children in Scotland who now have chronic illness and disability from Long Covid. There is still no support for them. No education policy for them. Absolutely nothing in place. What are these housebound children and families to do?

As stated previously - don't over analyse periods of lockdown. Looking at the here and now. What do children need? What services need scaffolding because they are key to support recovery? I feel the Morgan review was lost in the pandemic - we need to really reflect on the vulnerable children and young people who often do not have a voice and whose support is not leading to the positive outcomes these children deserve.

I agree that more research would be useful. Although the context for each school is different, we are struggling to have sufficient staff in front of classes and do not have the luxury of conducting the necessary research required.

I think the focus should be on children now, it then. It’s easy to forget how dire and frightening the situation was in early 2020. All I wanted was my children out of school and safe at home. No one knew how it would play out. Teachers were still working and schools were still open as hubs. Hopefully this year of in-school education and exams will show which schools/demographic areas need more input eg availability of tutors to those who can’t pay for this themselves.

I agree there was no action but disagree on need for further study. The information is all available from previous studies

Children were forgotten during the pandemic. They have made far more sacrifices than adult's. Children should have been put first. More detailed data gathering should have been carried out early on to assess their needs and impact of covid.

As a parent there is no evidence for my experience that much was done to assess the needs of my own child or that of the other children at school. Throughout the pandemic no one from my local authority has asked me my views on the impacts of Covid on my child or our family. All information and processes have been done to us not with us

This was an issue pre-pandemic and has only been further highlighted. Young person-centred and participatory approaches are needed to come closer to understanding children and young people's needs rather than through an adult lens. Assumptions through this lens on what's 'best for children' during the pandemic continues now with the idea that as long as schools are open then this is all that needs to be done ignoring ongoing effects of repeated infection on wellbeing and learning.

We are clearly now seeing the fall out of the past 2 years with huge issues in schools.

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