We need to know the impact of the £240m spent on recruitment

We need to know the impact of the £240m spent on recruitment

£240m was provided for the recruitment of extra staff to ensure resilience and to provide additional support for learning and teaching. However, the Committee was unable to discover exactly how this money has been spent, and how well it meets the needs of pupils. It is unclear how much of the extra resource provided by the Scottish Government to support recovery has been used to— 1. recruit teachers and staff to support children and young with additional support needs; 2. convert temporary teaching positions to permanent positions; and 3. to support non-mainstream settings. The Committee agrees that setting outcomes, and explaining how success will be measured, is critical to assessing the effectiveness of any intervention. The Committee would welcome more information from the Scottish Government on the outcomes achieved as a result of the resources it provided to support children and young people during the pandemic.


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