Extra support is required to meet increased needs of pupils

Extra support is required to meet increased needs of pupils

We learned that more children and young people need extra support as a result of the pandemic. Examples of those needing extra support included children and young people who have— 1. not been able to engage in online learning; 2. experienced increased anxiety both during lockdown and upon returning to the school, college or university environment; and 3. transitioned during the pandemic, whether into primary school, secondary school or post-secondary school destinations. We've learned that pressures already existed, pre-pandemic, in respect of delivering support to children and young people with additional support needs (ASN). “Covid has certainly exacerbated additional support needs across the board, but we already faced acute needs in ASN prior to Covid.” There are concerns that, as a result of the pandemic, more children and families will need targeted support and intervention, at a time when there is even more demand and squeeze on resources and capacity for staff.


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