Restricting when the public can buy or use certain fireworks

Restricting when the public can buy or use certain fireworks

The Bill would restrict when the public can buy or use CAT F2 and CAT F3 fireworks to specific times, such as Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. The Bill would allow fireworks to be supplied at the following times: (a) 7 April to 14 April, (b) 27 October to 10 November, (c) 26 December to 31 December, (d) the first day of Chinese New Year and the 3 days immediately preceding it, (e) the first day of Diwali and the 3 days immediately preceding it. If you agree with this proposal rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


I can't celebrate my birthday 🥳🎂🥳

"The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents notes that the consultation paper is silent on consumers stockpiling fireworks outwith the approved periods of sale."...enough said!

Think certain dates to sell them is a good idea but that is too many dates should be bonfire night only if at all

All fireworks cause distress, should be banned.

37 days is far too many. Five festivals, five days. And this is a really poorly designed consultation.

It is still to easy to acquire fireworks and many are now using them as part of "normal" family celebrations/parties rather than on very special occasions

fireworks should only be available at planned times of the year not any time

Please ban all fireworks

All fireworks cause distress.

You can buy them at specific times then just store them until you want too use them out of those dates

These so called celebratory fireworks cause distress.

The restrictions should be extended and fireworks should only be sold to organised groups

Fireworks are dangerous causing harm to pets and wildlife. In the absence of a complete ban except for professionals this is a good development

Great to restrict to certain days. Managing pets and people with PTSD is horrible when they can't plan for this. Its a good compromise to allow people to still have some fun but not allow it be an unpredictable free for all

It's ridiculous. The UK is becoming a full-on 'Nanny State'. Monitor and prosecute those who DON'T abide by rules and guidelines, but STOP dictating what normal, sensible, responsible people can and can't do, regarding personal choice and enjoyment! GET A LIFE, bloody 'Fun Police' 😡😡😡

Doesn’t go far enough unless someone invents silent fireworks.

It still allows the public to buy and set off fireworks

Still don’t think this goes far enough should be sold the day before & day off event I’m sick of them lasting fir a week or more

In my opinion fireworks should only be at organised licenced events. The NHS and Fire Service are busy enough without the added pressure of Firework misuse.

People in general are responsible and fireworks create great excitement for children

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