Requiring a licence to buy or use CAT F2 & CAT F3 fireworks

Requiring a licence to buy or use CAT F2 & CAT F3 fireworks

The Bill would make it it a requirement for the public to have a fireworks licence before they could buy or use CAT F2 & CAT F3 fireworks. CAT F2 fireworks should only be used with spectators 8m away (2 cars length) while CAT F3 should only be used with spectators 25m away (a normal swimming pool size). When applying for a fireworks license people would need to: disclose any relevant criminal convictions they may have; disclose any details of any previous fireworks licenses that were revoked or cancelled; and prove they had completed a fireworks training course. If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (๐Ÿ‘), if you disagree, rate it down (๐Ÿ‘Ž). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


Youโ€™d have to show your licence to buy. No use leaving it upto the individual as was the case with dog licenses.

Fireworks should be at official displays only

Any restriction to the general public discouraging the purchase of fireworks is a good thing

If fireworks are a nuisance, they are still a nuisance set off by someone who has a licence.

This does not go far enough.

Responsible use is important for all reasons already stated.

Fireworks are explosive devices. You should have a licence to use them.

No where near enough . No more . Outdated cheap thrill for simple minded folk

This is open to people fraudulently purchasing fireworks for other people. Fireworks are extremely dangerous and cause so much misery to animals and humans. Just because someone ha completed a course does not mean they are sensible and compassionate to other people's feelings and thinking about the effect on animals. Unfortunately so many people who use fireworks don't like to consider anyone else and just want to have 'fun' regardless of the distress it causes so many others.

Anything which restricts the mindless use of fireworks would be good in principle. However, if you make the licensing too easy or too cheap or unenforceable then itโ€™s pointless.

The distress caused to animals is considerable. It would also reduce injuries and fires caused by inappropriate use.

Will not stop the determined but might slow some of them down enough to make a difference.

Dangerous to people and animals. Too many irresponsible youngsters and adults use them putting themselves and others at huge risk. Not mentioning poor animals scared to death.

Fireworks are explosives and like all other explosives very dangerous. Thus only properly licenced commercial operators should be using them.

It's the same as licencing any dangerous activity. It means people can have their licence withdrawn if they break the rules

It would reduce incidents of fireworks misuse

I thought this was automatic already, as our charity used to have an organised 20 minute display on Bonfire Night.

It will ensure use is controlled

Donโ€™t sell to the public.

This would help provide an essential framework, necessary to allow enforcement of a training requirement & exclusion of past offenders from future purchase/use. Furthermore, the existence of such a framework would also be encouragement for many towards more thoughtful considered usage.

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